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Nationwide Solo Truck Driving Job Join a Military Supporting Trucking Company

Brakebush Transportation is your gateway to solo truck-driving jobs across the nation. At Brakebush, we understand the unique allure of solo trucking. That’s why we offer reefer jobs with high pay, full benefits and a rewarding bonus structure.


Reap the rewards of independence and adventure while making a living as a truck driver with Brakebush by applying below today!

Solo truck driving jobs with Brakebush

Benefits of Solo Trucking

  • Added Independence: Solo truck drivers have a high degree of independence, making decisions about routes, rest breaks, and daily routines.
  • Flexible Schedule: Solo drivers often have flexibility in their schedule in choosing routes and stops, advantageous in changing conditions.
  • Professional Growth: With no co-driver, solo truck drivers take on greater responsibility for their trips, which can lead to increased confidence to drive longer, more complicated routes.


Why Choose Brakebush for a Solo Trucking Job?

Brakebush Transportation has been family-owned and operated since 1925, specializing in the processing and transportation of poultry products for use nationwide. We’re a private company with no obligations to shareholders, passing the added savings onto our drivers.


Each truck driver gets access to great pay, full benefits, and a bonus structure that rewards hard work. Combined with our offered regular time at home and comfort-focused trucks, this might be the trucking opportunity you’ve always wanted.

Pay Rate:

  • Base Rate: $.60 per Practical Mile
  • Plus Performance Incentive: $.05 per Practical Mile
  • Plus Per Diem: $.05 per Practical Mile
  • East Coast Premium: $.10 per Practical Mile
  • Paid Weekly

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+ Bonuses:

  • $15 per hour detention pay after two hours
  • $15 per hour layover pay with a 24 - hour maximum of $165
  • Quarterly Safety Bonus: up to $.01 per Practical Miles
  • Quarterly Fuel Mileage Bonus: top achievers generally earn more than $500.00 per quarter
  • PC Miles Bonus: up to $.01 per Practical Mile
  • Annual Safety Bonus: After driving 250,000 safely, drivers can receive an additional $.001 per mile for all safe driving miles driven in their career at the company.


NEW Progressive Stop Pay Schedule:

  • 1st Stop Single - $30
  • 2nd Stop Single - $50
  • 3rd Stop Single - $100
  • 4th Stop & Additional Single - $150


Brakebush received National Health Care Award for 2019 by the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

  • Health Insurance Health Saving plan & FLEX plan available
  • Life Insurance Basic term - company will provide coverage of $25,000 with option to purchase more
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • DOT Physical Reimbursement
  • Wellness Center for employees and family on medical plan
  • Paid Benefit Time (Vacation/Sick Days) 0 - 2 years: 13 days/yr
    2 - 10 years: 18 days/yr
    10 - 18 years: 23 days/yr
    18+ years: 28 days/yr
  • 401k - Company match
  • Holiday Pay Ten paid holidays per calendar year
  • Optional add-ons: Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
    Short Term Disability & Illness Plan
    Long Term Disability & Illness Plan

Trucking Jobs for Military Veterans

Searching for a rewarding career on the road? Brakebush is honored to employ veterans from across the country. Apply online to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Solo Trucking


What is solo trucking?

Solo trucking is a type of truck driving job where a single truck driver operates a commercial vehicle independently. Done without a co-driver or team member, Solo trucking refers to a type of truck driving job where a single truck driver operates a commercial vehicle independently, without a co-driver or team member. In solo trucking, the driver is solely responsible for all aspects of the trip, including driving, navigation, vehicle maintenance, and compliance with transportation regulations. This mode of trucking offers drivers a high degree of independence and control over their journeys.

Is it better to drive solo or team?

The choice between solo and team truck driving depends on a person’s preferences and career goals. Solo truck driving offers greater independence and control over one's schedule but may lead to extended periods of solitude on the road. Team truck driving on the other hand can provide shared responsibilities, faster deliveries, and companionship but may require coordination and compromise with a co-driver.

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