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Brakebush TransportationCelebrating Remarkable Management & Employees

Brakebush Transportation is proud to spotlight the exceptional people who are the driving force behind our success. As a family-owned company, Brakebush uplifts and recognizes team members who have achieved remarkable accomplishments. We believe in treating those who are the foundation of our company with the utmost respect and support - drivers, employees, and management alike.

Professionalism in Action: Team Excellence at Brakebush

Brakebush Transportation's drivers are the best in the business. From putting in work to give customers the best service possible, to staying on top of safety requirements and procedures, Brakebush drivers go the extra mile. The success of the business relies on products arriving safely and on time. We know this could not be done without the dedication of our drivers.

Brakebush drivers at Wisconsin Motor Carriers Presidents Safe Driver Club luncheon
Brakebush drivers in the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Presidents Safe Driver Club at the 2023 luncheon

Driver Awards

North CarolinaDriver of the month

Congratulations to Ricardo Soto on being named North Carolina Driver of the Month! Brakebush Transportation is proud to have him on our team.

Driver Ricardo Soto

North Carolina Driver of the Month being honored at the North Carolina Trucking Association Safety Banquet.

North CarolinaDriver of the month

Congratulations to Tammie Duncan for the fantastic career achievement of being named the North Carolina Driver of the Month! We are lucky to have you on our team.

Tammi Duncan

North Carolina Driver of the Month being honored at the North Carolina Trucking Association Safety Banquet.

WisconsinDriver of the month

Congratulations to Rick Putskey on being named Wisconsin Motor Carrier Driver of the Month! We are delighted to have him on our team at Brakebush Transportation.

Driver Rick Putskey

Wisconsin Motor Carrier Driver of the Month being recognized at the 2023 WMCA Safety Banquet.

Celebrating30 Years At Brakebush

Rick Putskey is an inspiration to us all. His commitment to safety and excellence is unmatched, and we are proud to have him as a driver. Rick Putskey has been a mentor to many new drivers and has helped
make Brakebush Transportation a safer and more efficient company.

Rick Putskey

Rick Putskey celebrating 30 years with Brakebush as an Over The Road Driver.

Celebrating3 Million Safe Miles

Congratulations to Jeff Putskey on this incredible achievement! Jeff Putskey is a true professional and a role model for all drivers. His 3 million safe miles is a testament to his dedication to safety and his
commitment to customers.

Jeff Putskey

Jeff Putskey received a plaque for having 3 million safe miles driven with Brakebush Transportation.

DriverHall of fame

Driver Jeff Putskey

Driver Hall of Fame honored at the National Private Truck Council Safety Banquet. Drivers in the Hall of Fame are measured against peers on their safe driving record, performance and the miles driven. To be considered they must have 3 million safe miles driven, 20 years or 50,000 hours of consecutive driving without a preventable accident. The Driver Hall of Fame is the highest honor for private fleet drivers, recognizing their dedication to safety and excellence. Congratulations to Jeff Putskey for this remarkable achievement!

National Private Truck CouncilAll-Star Driver Award

Driver Mark Ida

National Private Truck Council All-Star Driver Award. Drivers are measured against their peer drivers for performance based on customer service, safety, adherence to company standards, regulatory compliance and community service. Congratulations to Mark Ida on this prestigious award!

Forward ThinkingLeaders in Action at Brakebush

The forward-thinking management team at Brakebush Transportation is always searching for ways to enhance the business and make it a better place to work for everyone. Our in-office team creates a supportive and collaborative workplace, driving the company to new heights. We are grateful to have their experience and expertise so readily available.

WI Road Team CaptainJason Johnson

Driver Jason Johnson WI Road Team Captain. The Road Team speaks to WI drivers ed students about safely driving around commercial motor vehicles on the road. The Wisconsin Road Team is a group of elite drivers who are committed to promoting safety and sharing the road with commercial vehicles. They have spoken to over 15,000 driver education students in the state of Wisconsin, and have a significant impact on improving safety on the road.

Safety Director of the YearNorlene Gray

Norlene Gray's recognition as the 2022 recipient of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Safety Director of the Year Award is a testament to her dedication to safety and her commitment to making Brakebush Transportation a leader in safe transportation practices. Congratulations on this incredible achievement! Norlene Gray Wisconsin Motor Carriers 2022 Safety Director of the Year Award Recipient.

Wreaths Across AmericaHonoring Our Nation's Veterans

Brakebush Transportations proudly supports Wreaths Across America, a nonprofit organization that honors our nation's veterans by placing wreaths on the graves of fallen heroes. Our drivers volunteer their time and trucks to transport wreaths from Maine to participating locations across the country, ensuring every fallen hero is honored.


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