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Brakebush History

Brakebush Brothers' family business started with one truck in 1925. With it, Brakebush Brothers performed a valuable service by taking local livestock and poultry to major markets in Madison and Milwaukee. As the business grew, they also bought eggs from local grocers and sold them in places where greater demand existed. In a logical extension of the business, Brakebush Brothers began picking up live poultry, dressing and freezing it as a service to their customers.

Service and reliability were key factors in the growth of the business. A dressing and freezing facility was built and this started the modern Brakebush Brothers, Inc. in the food industry. From the beginning as a one-room egg candling business, the company has evolved into a computerized poultry processing plant. Through it all, the Brakebush family has kept the same ideals that William and Otto, the founders of the business, started: provide the highest quality product at a fair price and back it with the finest service.

History of Brakebush Transportation

The success Brakebush has seen by providing further processed, cooked chicken has allowed the company to expand into the sizing business. In 2013, Brakebush acquired a state-of-the-art portioning facility in Irving, Texas. In the spring of 2016, Brakebush acquired an additional processing facility in Wells, MN. In 2018, we acquired a House of Raeford facility in Mocksville, North Carolina that was previously damaged in a fire. In 2019, the Mocksville location was rebuilt and now serves as a value-added poultry and fully-cooked plant.

Brakebush continues to focus on providing the highest quality chicken products to meet the needs of customers. From portioning and sizing of raw products in Irving to fully cooked and par fry in Wells, Westfield, and Mocksville, Brakebush is prepared to provide chicken for generations to come. We have grown Brakebush Transportation to meet customer demands, and it continues to play a critical part in the service offered to our customers.