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5 Benefits of Refrigerated Trucking For Drivers Revealed

See How to Grow Your Career as a Reefer Truck Driver

There are several benefits to becoming a refrigerated truck driver and we’re revealing the top 5. Brakebush Transportation gives our drivers freedom and the tools to make each trip enjoyable. Reefer driving provides job security, a high salary, freedom and flexibility. Get onboard and start your career as a reefer truck driver!

What is Refrigerated Trucking?

Refrigerated trucking, or reefer trucking, is the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods in specially designed trucks. Reefer trucks have refrigeration units and maintain a controlled temperature environment during the transportation of perishable items. Reefer systems use a combination of insulation, cooling compressors, evaporators, condensers and temperature monitoring devices to regulate and maintain the desired temperature range inside the truck's cargo area.


Refrigerated trucks are responsible for carrying:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Flowers
  • Chemicals
  • Agricultural items
  • Other goods
5 Benefits of Refrigerated Trucking For Drivers Revealed

5 Refrigerated Trucking Benefits for Drivers


1. Expanding Job Opportunities

The demand for refrigerated transportation has been growing, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries. As the global population increases and consumer preferences shift towards fresher and healthier products, the need for temperature-controlled transportation will remain in demand. This increased demand creates more job opportunities for drivers specializing in refrigerated trucking.


Unlike some other sectors that may experience fluctuations in demand, the need for transporting perishable items remains consistent. This stability can provide drivers with a more secure and reliable source of employment.


2. Higher Earning Potential

Refrigerated trucking often offers competitive compensation due to the specialized nature of the job. The responsibility of maintaining the temperature integrity of the cargo and ensuring timely delivery of perishable goods often commands higher pay rates compared to standard trucking roles. Drivers with experience and expertise in handling refrigerated shipments have the opportunity to earn higher salaries and benefits.


Drivers who are willing to work overtime or take on challenging assignments, such as deliveries during weekends or holidays, have the opportunity to earn significant, additional income through overtime pay or bonuses.

3. Advanced Equipment and Technology

Reefer drivers can rely on advanced systems in our trucks to efficiently manage the temperature requirements of perishable goods. Such features reduce the risk of spoilage, maintain cargo integrity and give drivers peace of mind while on the road. Brakebush’s high-end refrigerated trucks often come equipped with enhanced comfort and safety features such as ergonomic seating, adjustable steering columns, improved suspension systems and noise reduction measures.


Additionally, advanced safety technologies such as collision mitigation systems, lane departure warnings and blind-spot monitoring are becoming more prevalent in modern refrigerated trucks.


4. Specialized Training and Expertise

Specialized training equips you with the knowledge to handle perishable goods in a manner that ensures their safety, integrity and compliance with regulatory standards. You’ll learn proper loading and unloading techniques, how to organize and secure cargo and how to monitor and maintain temperature control throughout the transportation process. These skills not only contribute to the quality and freshness of the cargo but also minimize the risk of spoilage or damage.


Obtaining specialized training and expertise in refrigerated trucking makes you a valuable asset. As the demand for temperature-controlled transportation continues to rise, companies actively seek drivers with the knowledge and skills to handle perishable goods. By becoming a reefer driver, you expand your job opportunities and enhance your employability in the competitive trucking industry.


5. Flexible Scheduling and Routes

Refrigerated truck driving offers several benefits in terms of varied driving locations, increased autonomy and independence, and opportunities for personalized routes. Here's how drivers can benefit from these aspects:


Varied Driving Locations

Refrigerated truck drivers have the opportunity to drive to a wide range of locations. Since perishable goods are transported across different regions and even countries, reefer drivers experience diverse landscapes, climates and road conditions. The variety adds excitement and adventure to the job, allowing drivers to explore new places and a change of scenery during their routes.


Autonomy and Independence

Refrigerated truck driving provides drivers with a greater sense of autonomy and independence compared to other driving roles. While adhering to delivery schedules and customer requirements, reefer drivers have more flexibility in managing their routes, rest breaks and work schedules. They can make decisions on when and where to stop for fuel, meals and rest, allowing them to tailor their journeys to their individual preferences and needs.


Opportunities for Personalized Routes

Refrigerated truck drivers have opportunities to personalize their routes. While certain destinations and delivery points are fixed, drivers have the freedom to choose the most efficient and scenic routes within those parameters. This flexibility allows drivers to exercise their judgment, consider factors such as traffic, road conditions and personal preferences, and create a route that aligns with their comfort and efficiency.

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